An incredible collaboration between Will Anthony and Li Pigments, this kit contains quite literally the "dopest eyeliner pigments in the industry."

  • Each kit contains 4 bottles of Will’s custom designed spectrum of go-to shades to help you build, stack, combine and create flawless eyeliner effects.
  • Manufactured and backed by trusted Li Pigments, you can rest easy knowing that you’re using the highest of quality pigments which are tried, tested and true.
  • Kit contains 4 unique, ultra rich shades.
  • Each bottle is 10ml. 


  • London Fog – A gray-based black. This is an excellent stand alone color and will also serve as the perfect base for Secret Black or as an overlay for Black Cocktail.
  • Black Cocktail – An organic carbon mixed with iron oxide with an orange/red added to the base for those clients with blue eyelid undertones. This is pre-modified and can be used alone, but will provide an amazing base for all three of the other colors.

  • Secret Black – An organic carbon black. This can be used alone but will heal truer and blacker when layered on top of Black Cocktail or London Fog. Due to this being a carbon black it’s recommended that only experienced technicians use this black.
  • Black Moss – A green-based black. This will look great on light and fair-skinned people. The green added to the base is perfect for those clients with red eyelid undertones. You can overlay this color on any of the other colors to highlight with a slight green hue.