Next Class February 3 & 4, 2020 

Learn both theory and hands-on application for current and trending machine shading techniques. Great for microbladers wanting to upgrade their skills to add services applicable to a broader clientele.

This busy 2 day training covers techniques for Traditional shading, Pointillism and the trending, Nano/Whip technique. We will also cover patterns for ombre' shading, machine knowledge & choosing the correct needle size/configurations for each technique and much more.
Whether you are new to PMU or just wanting to add more techniques to your brow shading work, this course will definitely give you a better understanding of machine shading and some great options for perfect shaded brows.
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This Machine Brow Shading course is a continued education program for PMU or Microblading artists who have completed a fundamentals training.

The course is designed to teach students 3 different techniques for machine brow shading, patterns for Ombre’ brow shading and methods to achieve these. It will also cover basic machine knowledge & needle configurations to cater for microbladers choosing to upgrade to machine shading.

Pre-requisites required:
• Fundamentals Training in either PMU for Eyebrows or Microblading.
• Students should have prior knowledge of; brow mapping, control pain management, sterilization & sanitation, basic colour theory, client consultation & contra-indications for brow PMU/microblading procedures.
• Current Bloodborne Pathogens certification

 1. Knowledge of PMU machine and Needle configurations.
- Understanding machine speed and how it affects the outcome.
- Correct needle choices for technique and outcome.
2. Knowledge of machine handling and correct depth for brow shading techniques.
- Correct angle and positioning of the machine for different techniques.
- Correct depth for colour retention.
3. Knowledge & Practice of different shading techniques.
(Traditional Shade, Pointillism, Nano/Whip shading)
4. Knowledge & Practice of shading patterns and different ways to achieve them.
(Full shade, Ombre’ & Hybrid)

1. Devices
- Machines available in the market today
- Which are suitable for PMU and why
- How to work your device

2. Needles: Understanding needle packaging and needle sizes. When you would use certain needle groups and sizes. What needles are best for each specific shading techniques. 
- Configurations
- Diameters & formations
- Packaging
- When to use different sizes

3. Brow Shading patterns
- Full powder shade
- Ombre' 
- Combination brows. 
- Different Ombre patterns

4. Shading Techniques: All 3 common techniques used for brow shading
- Traditional
- Pointillism
- Nano/Whip

5. Machine Handling:  How to handle your machine correctly depending on the technique you are doing.
- Angle
- Positioning
- Speed

6. The skin
- Understanding the basic physiology
- The difference with aging skin and PMU

7. Correct Depth for pigment
- How this affects your outcomes
- Best depth for each technique 

8. Basic Colour Knowledge
- Cool v Warm
- How the colour heals in the skin (Microblading v Shading)

9. Pigment Theory: What are the best pigments for machine brow shading and why.
- Organics v Inorganics
– Pros and Cons
- Carbon
- Titanium Dioxide
- Modifiers
- Dilution

PRACTICE ON LIVE MODELS - We will work on skins to practice all techniques plus ALL students will work on live models.
 * Models are required for local students

- 2 Day Theory & Hands-on training.
- Brow Shading Manual and On-going support.
- Li Pigments Student Kit: All the colours you will need to get started with Li pigments for brow shading, Soft Fx dilution and Quick Colour Guide.
- Bronc Machine Package: Everything you need to get up and running.

This course is taught by 20 year PMU veteran, Stephanie Wilson. Learn tips & tricks she has learnt through experience and receive on-going support.