Private tailored training is for existing Permanent Makeup or Microblading artists who feel they need more help or just want to learn new skills. 

A private training day can teach you new techniques and improve your existing ones for better healed results. All private training is based on your current abilities and designed specifically for you.

Examples of training options include;

- needing help with technique for eyeliner to improve healed colour retention

- learning different brow shading techniques to give you more options for customers

- Going over lip technique to get improved colour retention and results

- Upgrading to machine shading from manual shading

These are just some examples....

Having a mentor for a day will allow you to ask questions, receive help with technique and help you improve your results.

If you have any further questions you can email us at info@halcyoncosmetic.com


* Once a deposit is paid you will receive a questionnaire to fill out and return to us. From this, we will evaluate your training needs and programme a day/session tailored for you. You will have the option to approve the lesson plan prior to full payment. 

* Training is available at your space or at Halcyon Cosmetic Solutions. 

* Pre-requisites - Proof of prior fundamentals training.