If you are looking to start using Li Pigments but not sure which colours to start with, this kit is a 'must have".

This Starter Kit contains 5 LI Aqua Pigments that have been specifically chosen to help you get you started PLUS 1 bottle of Soft FX for dilution. As a bonus, you will receive a FREE easy to follow colour card for quick reference. 

These colours have been carefully selected by Kelly Hallam & Stephanie Wilson as a beginner's kit and are the most versatile and popular pigment colours for brow shading on all skin tones. 

Starter Kit is available in 7ml or 15ml sizes.

- CREME LATTE is a well balanced neutral to slightly cool blonde eyebrow colour. 

- CLASSIC BROWN is a great rich, medium brown eyebrow colour. 

- NAVAJO BROWN is a rich medium to dark brown eyebrow colour.

- EBONY BROWN is an extremely cool dark black-brown colour.

 * GRAY VANISH is a warm modifier to be used with very cool colours or skin tones.


1 bottle of Li Soft FX - This is a pigment dilution solution used to dilute the intensity of your pigments in order to achieve a soft, powdery effect.