Temperature: Cool

Light to Dark Value: 5

Base: Inorganic Cool Yellow & Green. Contains a small amount of red.

Navajo Brown is a well balanced rich medium brown eyebrow color that is a little darker and cooler than Hazelnut. This popular brow color heals very rich and beautiful. Use on Fitzpatrick III – V skin.

Lighten with Sahara, Breve, Creme Latte, Latte, Cappuccino or Lighten Up. Darken with  Dark Toffee, Navajo, Espresso or Ebony Brown. To add warmth use Grey Vanish, 24 Carat, UN-Gray, Beautiful Blonde, Autumn Gold or Milk Chocolate.

LI Pigments are formulated from the FDA, FD&C, and D&C colourant listings. These safe, concentrated formulas provide consistent and superior coverage that technicians depend on. They are highly concentrated, easy to use and remain true to colour with superb color retention so they age beautifully. Top artists all over the word depend on LI.

Please note that our colour swatches are not necessarily a true depiction of colour.