An incredible collaboration between Monica Ivani and Li Pigments, this kit contains Monica's personally designed eyebrow colours.

  • Each kit contains 4 bottles of Monica's custom designed go-to eyebrow shades to help you create flawless brows.
  • Manufactured and backed by trusted Li Pigments, you can rest easy knowing that you’re using the highest of quality pigments which are tried, tested and true.
  • Kit contains 4 unique, ultra rich shades. 
  • Each bottle is 10ml. 

These 4 fabulous shades are 20% more concentrated and 20% thinner in consistency than Li Aqua and can be combined to create colours suitable for any skin tone. These can be used for used for all procedures and NO modifying is required!

Electric Blonde – A dark blonde colour with a green and neutral yellow base. Perfect for blondes or redheads with either neutral or slightly cooler skin tones...with pink/red undertones. It can be darkened with either Faux Brown or Absolute Brown. 

Faux Brown– A light brown colour with either neutral yellow and a red base. Great for lighter brunettes, dark blondes or even medium brunettes who want to keep their brows super soft and natural. Heals cooler than it looks initially. Can be darkened with Absolute Brown or Dark Heart.  

Absolute Brown– A true medium brown! This shade has a neutral yellow and green brown base...and is perfect for light...medium or dark brunettes. This is Monica's absolute favourite and most used shade. Can be darkened with Dark Heart. 

Dark Heart- A dark brown shade with a black/brown base. A little darker than Absolute Brown. Fantastic for dark brunettes or clients with darker natural eyebrow hair. Can be lighted and warmed up with Electric Blonde or Faux Brown.