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Halcyon Cosmetic Solutions Ltd is very excited to bring the Bronc permanent makeup hybrid rotary tattoo machine to artists in Canada. 

We have been testing and using this device and love it! Although one of us is used to using a traditional tattoo machine and the other a pen-like PMU device, we have both found this machine to be lightweight and comfortable in the hand. It is slightly larger than a PMU pen but much smaller than the Cheyenne Hawk or Xion S (also both great machines).

The best part about it is that it takes universal tattoo needle cartridges! We stock the most popular configurations used in PMU but if you have a favourite that we don't carry, please let us know as the available sizes are endless.

This is a fantastic machine choice for artists transitioning from microblading to shading and permanent makeup, as well as for experienced artists as both a primary or backup machine. This is also a great device for Li-FT permanent makeup and tattoo removal.

And just for fun it is available in black, grey, silver, red and of course, pink!

The Bronc V4 has many notable features:

- Thin and lightweight (ONLY 79 Grams) for maximum comfort, this device is a little thicker than a small pen device like a Nouveau Contour, but much smaller than the Cheyenne Hawk or XionS

- a 4.5 w Swiss motor to ensure enough power to tackle even the most difficult skin and Li-FT tattoo removal procedures

-fits traditional tattoo needle cartridge sizes that support techniques from delicate whip-shading with nano needles to the heaviest pigment deposit with larger shading needles and magnums

-adjustable needle depth with a maximum needle protrusion of 4.5mm so you can work at the depth in which you are most comfortable.

- Can be used with your any tattoo power supply.

 *See our Bronc Machine Package Pricing 


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Bronc machine

Amazing, lightweight machine! Gets the pigment in effortlessly. Highly recommend. Great value and results!