About Halcyon Cosmetic Store

Halcyon Cosmetic Store opened in December 2018 and is a leading provider of professional microblading and permanent makeup supplies for Canadians. We are the exclusive Canadian distributor of LI Pigments and LI-FT Pigment Lightening solution. 

Both Kelly and Stephanie are members of the worldwide Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals SPCP and Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (CPCP). They both offer PMU, microblading & removal procedures at their clinic in BC, Canada & not only sell the products in the Halcyon Cosmetic Store but work with them everyday, ensuring you are buying quality & up-to-date products. 

​With a drive to ensure safety and education in the industry, Halcyon Cosmetic Store provides private and semi-private microblading and advanced PMU training, plus tattoo removal training to ensure that future artists are not only skilled at what they do, but gain a thorough understanding and are well-equipped to work in the field of permanent makeup. 

Kelly Hallam is the founder of Halcyon Cosmetic Store and is not only a permanent makeup (PMU) and paramedical tattoo artists but also has an extensive science and healthcare background as a Registered Technologist of Nuclear Medicine for almost 20 years. She offers first hand knowledge of PMU and Removal and has experience working with Li Pigments and Li-FT Lightening. She is Canada’s Lead Trainer for LI-FT Lightening Solution. If you have any questions, she is always willing to answer and you will often find her regularly offering her knowledge and advice on PMU and Microblading Forums. 

Stephanie Wilson joined Halcyon Cosmetic with over 20 years of PMU experience and knowledge, as well as a background in Esthetics and certification as a trainer/assessor. Beginning her career in Australia, she has a thorough understanding of pigments and experience in all techniques for PMU and microblading. She is always willing to offer other artists tips and advice to help them improve their results. Stephanie is Halcyon Cosmetic's trainer for advanced machine techniques and also offers one-on-one follow up training for existing PMU/microblading artists wanting to improve their skills or update their techniques.

Kelly & Stephanie are always happy to answer any questions and are here to help your business grow.  Don't forget to check out our blog page for tips & tricks. 


Li Pigments perform well, last long and do not change colour. This is why we love them and sell them! 

A lot of this has to do with the manufacturing processes and the way the pigment is made, blended, broken down, and mixed. The concentrated levels and most importantly, the fusion method of the pigments. Recognising the need for not only safe pigments that stay, but pigments that will hold true to colour over time and not change colour, Li Pigments realised that with a few simple formula modifications and a unique mixing process, they had developed a pigment line that would out perform any other. Li Pigments introduced “Fusion Technology” to the industry back in 1992 revolutionising the permanent makeup industry.

Once Li Pigments accomplished this remarkable result in pigment performance, they developed and released their own pigment line. Hence in 1998 Aqua™ & Velvet™ were born with this unique process to fuse ingredients for natural long lasting true colour. Darlene Story, the owner and developer of Li Pigments is a brilliant pigment maker and Aqua & Velvet is her baby. Aqua & Velvet has been in existence for 16 years now. She has had 16 years to make this pigment line what it is today. She is consistently learning new ways to make this line even better and applies these new technologies to the Aqua & Velvet line. Every single pigment/colour formulation in the Aqua & Velvet line are unique and exclusive to the Aqua & Velvet line.

Why they are gamma radiated and why are they to be considered safer than some of the other options?
With sterilisation you are killing all the spores so the pigment is bacterial safe to use. For safe pigments, you want to use pigments from reliable manufacturers that follow all the current GMPS (Good Manufacturing Practices) and produces the final pigment product from safe ingredients approved to be used. Since there are no specific laws in the US regarding permanent cosmetics and tattooing; there ARE laws, guidelines and regulations in Europe so Li Pigments as a company adheres to those regulations in EU and pass all the EU testing as such.

Li Pigments go above and beyond what is required of them by also using Sterile water in all their formulations….NOT distilled. Having a state of the art water sterilization system put in to place in their factory was extremely expensive for them to do so and not required…but Li Pigments is a company that always puts safety and quality first and foremost.

About SPCP

The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals is a world-wide organization that represents professionals in the industry who are dedicated to promoting the ideals and standards of the SPCP, offering permanent cosmetics that are conducted in accordance with safety standards specific to the permanent cosmetic process, and those who stay abreast of and participate in industry activities.

At Halcyon Cosmetic Store we follow the standards of the SPCP and recommend becoming a member and a Certified Professional (CPCP.)  We are looking to host a CPCP examination here in BC in 2020. 

Read more on the SPCP website here

Why should you become Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional (CPCP)?
The CPCP examination was developed to support the growing need of the permanent cosmetic industry.  Legislators, clients, landlords, physicians, the media, and others who have an interest in our industry are demanding credentials that are creditable and have substance beyond a training certificate.
Unfortunately, there is no standards or regulations in Canada for the PMU/microblading industry and training certificates don’t always indicate that there is a basic fundamental knowledge of permanent cosmetics.  
Obtaining CPCP will help you stand out amongst others in the industry that have not acquired a knowledge of basic fundamentals in permanent makeup. It assures your customers that you have the skills and the standards to perform the permanent makeup procedure safely. 
Useful Link for CPCP