Micro Edge is a line of pigments created by Li Pigments specifically for microblading. Each pre-neutralized microblading ink colour took 5 years of research, development and testing to ensure the best results for microblading. It was formulated to get as much pigment into the skin as possible with one stroke and have it heal super crisp and tight.

As Micro Edge was formulated specifically for microblading, it is not appropriate for machine work or shading. Please use Li Aqua pigments for those methods.

 So... why Choose MicroEdge?

If you are a serious microblader you will love its

 1. Nectar-like consistency that allows pigment to cling to needle all the way down into the skin...not rise up the needle as it makes contact.

2. Pre-Neutreulized so almost no need for modifiers.

3. Highly concentrated, Micro Edge does not dilute with exposure to blood or body fluids.

4. Highly concentrated for high saturation.

Note that MicroEdge is a bit more expensive than some other pigment lines. The higher price reflects the cost of producing this exclusive formula.  It is a combination of iron oxides and organics using only the highest light-fast colorants available!